Tracker Lasers are available at a significantly discounted rate for Faculty of entry level DPT, Residency and Fellowship programs.

If you are a faculty member interested in using the Tracker Laser for classroom/clinical instruction in cervical joint position sense testing and training:  

Send an email to with the following information - 

  1. Program name with contact information including name and address
  2. Number of Tracker Lasers requested
  3. Number of Tracker Targets requested
  4. Number of Tracker Trainers requested
  5. Email address to route the invoice



Tracker Lasers are available free of charge to researchers interested in studying the use of head mounted lasers on cervical proprioception and joint position sense. 

If you are a researcher interested in using the Tracker Laser for a research project:

Send an email to with a brief synopsis of your research plan including brief summaries of the following information - 

  1. The hypothesis to be investigated  
  2. The population to be studied
  3. The expected time frame of the study including follow up if applicable  
  4. Number of Tracker Lasers required to complete the study